At House of Carigar, we are obsessed with the finer details. We work with fashion houses and designers from across the globe to turn their wildest, most ornamental dreams into sparkling reality. Our hand-crafted embroideries and embellishments have adorned the gowns of discerning brides, made a statement at red-carpet events, and graced the runways of London and Dubai.

For more than 8 years, we have worked with India’s most talented artisans, our Carigars, tapping into ancient techniques and generations of expertise that are sewn into every detail using the most innovative and modern processes in the trade. We are able to bring our clients’ designs to life on any scale, from one-off haute couture pieces, to larger scale ready-to-wear collections. And thanks to the well-established relationships with our craftsmen, we are able to offer this at competitive rates.

From our London office, we are perfectly positioned to bring the wonders of Mumbai’s highly skilled craftsmen to Europe’s luxury markets. We strongly believe in ethical trade and transparency and therefore ensure all our artisan partners are paid fair living wages and conditions are regularly inspected.

We are a family run business with a passion to preserve the ancient techniques of hand embellishments and support the Carigars to make a sustainable living through their skills. While we have our roots in these ancient techniques,  our background is firmly rooted in the fashion industry.

Between us, the founders of House of Carigar, we have the knowledge of working in London for one of the UK’s leading high street retailers for almost a decade and  over 12 years’ experience as a couturier since graduating from the London College of Fashion with a degree in Surface Textiles in Embroidery and Prints.

Together, we’ve had the privilege of bringing to life the designs of a number of boutique fashion houses, all of whom trust us explicitly with their business thanks to our complete discretion.